• HOCK CHEMIE(HK) ENT. PTE COMPANY is one of innovative pioneers in manufacturing personal cosmetics materials. Our objective is to provide high quality cosmetics raw materials and services for global clients. We aim to innovate with advanced technology and grasp the market trend through utilizing our strong commercial experience and technical expertise to manufacture more and better raw materials and formulations. In order to let our clients be the forefront of the trend, we try our best to provide professional technical solutions, bring sensory feeling of personal innovation and create good products to satisfy your requirements. We will create infinite possibility with you together for the bright future of cosmetics industry. 



    HOCKCHEMIE is insist on providing customers with high-quality cosmetics raw materials.

  • We began to produce Treatment Powder of Titanium dioxide(Alumina free ).

    ●  2017 

     Guangzhou factory established.

      ●  2019 

    Shandong factory was established. We began to produce large crystal structure Boron Nitride. 

    ●  2014

                                         ●  2010 

    We began to Use wet system coating technology. We received the Innovation Award(2011) (MICA MD/LL).

    We began to produce mica, treated with silicone.

                                         ●  2003 

    ●  1998

    Wuxi Lingtai Pearl Pigment factory established.

    We began to produce talc with different surface treaements.

    ●  2005